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Are You Ready to Reveal Your Unique Purpose?

Every day, I inspire individuals and groups to build courage, restore confidence and to take action in their lives.

As a State Senator, I learned that maintaining a strong commitment to purpose requires the vision to see beyond today, the willingness to speak the truth and the strength to overcome life’s trials. I believe that the reason why we do what we do every day is because we hope and believe that tomorrow will be better than today.

There is so much more to come. Join my community of empowered individuals and together we will explore inspirational ways to help you to reveal your unique purpose.

A Gift For Your Future Self

A Gift For Your Future Self

“All you need in this life to succeed are the Wishbone, Backbone and Jawbone”. -Grandma

I have always felt that keeping a journal allows me to write about what I believe in and sort through my mental clutter on the path to positive thinking.

In your new Three Bones Journal, I have endeavored to share a little of my personal story of wisdom and strength that was passed down through my grandmother. Also included for you are some of my best reflections and inspirations to help you to explore what is most significant in your own life.

This is your journey. Travel in magnificence towards your purpose.

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